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Facebook’s second bubble expanding

Here we go.  The investment community and media, which are really one and the same, are fueling the next Facebook bubble.   The insiders are in the process of making their second killing at the expense of the naive public … Continue reading

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Hedge Funds building next Facebook bubble

Most people were surprised, including me, when Facebook’s stock price rose on and after November 14th when a large lock-up period expired.  In fact, in my last two posts, I made the prediction that Facebook’s stock price would fall to … Continue reading

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Social Networking Performance Update

Now that the election is over and we are approaching the expiration of Facebook’s big lock-up period, I figure this is a good time for a little update on the social networking scam. As of today, I want to compare … Continue reading

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Federal Reserve QE3

I don’t have much to write here other than the corrupt Federal Reserve, through QE3, will help the Social Networking/Media scam in the short-term (QE3).  They are all in bed together.  The only reason Facebook has seen a noticeable jump … Continue reading

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Facebook Insiders continue to cash out

As Facebook lockup restrictions unravel, we see more and more insiders cashing in to make their millions and billions off the public.  Most recently, Peter Thiel, a man well-connected to what I call the legalized crime syndicate, just cashed out … Continue reading

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Facebook Plunge

Apparently, the public investors are figuring out Facebook and other social networking and media companies aren’t worth their IPO valuations as the stock prices continue to plunge.  But, I want to highlight some important points.  In a CNN article today, Facebook … Continue reading

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Reid Hoffman Social Media Mafia Boss?

If you spend some time trying to figure out who the big boys are on the inside “Linked -In” to the social media or networking bubble, one name comes up frequently — Reid Hoffman.  Mr. Hoffman is the founder and … Continue reading

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