Reid Hoffman Social Media Mafia Boss?

If you spend some time trying to figure out who the big boys are on the inside “Linked -In” to the social media or networking bubble, one name comes up frequently — Reid Hoffman.  Mr. Hoffman is the founder and chairman of LinkedIn and is currently a multi-billionaire on paper based on LinkedIn’s projected value and the number of insider shares he holds in the company.

But if you read through articles, it becomes clear that he is connected to Facebook, Groupon, Zynga, Yelp, and a host of other social media companies through Greylock Partners.  And he has considerable money in the game or “the bubble”.  The mainstream media paints him as an “angel investor”, “entrepreneur”, and “tech visionary”.  I will play devils advocate and call him out as a legalized crook and Ponzi schemer concerned merely with enriching himself and his well-connected pals at the expense of the masses.  The main stream media could be correct and I could be wrong, or the opposite could be true.  But who is Reid Hoffman and what are his connections to the social media and networking bubble (Hoffman background)

Hoffman is worth billions via LinkedIn, but he also has cashed in on the recent Facebook IPO in the tune of at least $412 million bucks (who got richer on Facebook IPO) which is by far the majority of his holdings in the company.  He has also liquidated $30 million in his own company LinkedIn post lock-up period, but of course he still has most of his billions still invested in the company.  But, his executive team is cashing out huge portions of their cheap pre-ipo stock grants and becoming millionaires.  How long will Hoffman hold on to his billion dollar paper value in the coming six months to a year?  My prediction is that we will see him start dumping larger portions of his stock given the Facebook flop and his inside knowledge that LinkedIn is way over-valued.  I could be wrong.  But, given what I have read about the founders, executive teams and companies that he has supported financially (Facebook, Groupon, Zynga, and LinkedIn), and after observing these insider behaviors connected with these entities, I am at this point in time, comfortable with calling out Reid Hoffman as a mafia boss of the legalized crime syndicate.


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2 Responses to Reid Hoffman Social Media Mafia Boss?

  1. Ben Naga says:

    This post may well be approaching the “crooks” of the matter. 😛

  2. des winder says:

    Well lets just hope one of your directors will look at this for me, and if they do and can see where my chips got stolen I will insist that disciplinary Proceedings are taken on yourself and the other operatives who tried to brush this aside.
    I will be forwarding my complaint to all and any media for your directors and senior executives!
    If this is a new type of scam you need to look into it and stop it before more people lose their chips!
    I took every stop to protect my chips after the first 100 million went missing I changer my password and contacted you straight away.Right after this the other 40 million then went out of my account! So what else can I do to protect myself.
    I have requested that this is made into a FORMAL COMPLAINT , I have also tweeted your CEO mark pincus about this problem, and I will be also e-mailing any director or senior executive who’s e-mails I can find!
    The chips I had approximately 140 million, just went from my account. I DID NOT PLAY THESE CHIPS NOR DID I LOSE THEM I was not playing at the time, they were stolen from me!
    Please look at the player (s) who took my chips, I bet I was just one played who some how hacked my account.
    You can check the IP address which I was supposed to be playing from you will find that it isn’t mine or an IP I have ever played from, I’m also guessing not even in the same country!
    I brought most of these chips from your company for real money, so this fraud as I spent real money getting these chips.
    You are able to verify my loss you just haven’t bothered to look into it in depth!
    This investigation is not closed as it has not been investigated properly now please do so.
    If I had indeed lost them I would not be here bleating about it, now play fair.
    I have spent a lot of money with your company in the past, if this is not sorted not another penny will you get from me or any member of my family! Bad customer service for that to happen!

    [ ref:00D6J52i.5006JmeoS:ref ]

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