Federal Reserve QE3

I don’t have much to write here other than the corrupt Federal Reserve, through QE3, will help the Social Networking/Media scam in the short-term (QE3).  They are all in bed together.  The only reason Facebook has seen a noticeable jump in the stock price is because Zuck said he wouldn’t liquidate his private shares for a year and this QE3 implemented by Federal Reserve.  No other information or strategic change explains the rise in the stock price.  The Federal Reserve, loaded with ex-bankers and members of the legalized crime syndicate, is simply implementing their game of kick the can.  Prolong the financial cliff so those in the money can reap their gains in the next several years.  Our social media and network insiders will most certainly benefit greatly from this policy.


About Tincup

Musings on the Human Momentum and thinking about what that means to you and I and future generations.
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