Facebook Stock Rises with Lock-up Expiration

LMAO.  Facebook’s stock price jumped today as a major lock-up period expired.  Suddenly, as more shares hit the market, the value of the company or market capital rose billions of dollars.  My opinion is that the marketers — the stock brokers and financial advisors did their job well.  They fooled the public to buy shares of Facebook.  The insiders made a nice little profit from a bad situation.  I could be dead wrong, but I expect the FB stock price to slowly decline over the next several weeks and to hit an all-time low in a month or two.  These guys on the inside are really something and they have the media on their side to hype up the turnaround.  All part of the inside game —  keep prolonging the idea that the company will actually be worth $100+ billion dollars so the insiders can dump off their shares in the short-term.


About Tincup

Musings on the Human Momentum and thinking about what that means to you and I and future generations.
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