Facebook’s True Customers!

The time has come for a philosophical post on this blog.  Most of this blog is pretty dry and it will take time to prove the premise — that the social media and networking industry is yet another Ponzi-scheme and bubble performed by the same legalized crooks responsible for the Savings and Loan debacle, the Dot Com bubble, the Enron-like scams, the housing scam, and future scams not yet detected by the general populace.  The best three movies I have seen to summarize my point of view and disgust with the rise of the financial fascist power construct in the United States (to supplement my personal experience and philosophical views) are “The Smartest Guys in the Room”, “Inside Job”, and “Too Big to Fail”.  If you want to get a better idea of how I think in the bigger picture and why, whether my lens is right or wrong,  google “Contemplating the Human Direction”, my first and more broad blog on WordPress, which was inspired by another WordPress blog supporting Enron…the author continually blocked me from posting my comments.  As such, I created my first blog.

Facebook and the internet is, at the root, a great concept –enable huge numbers of people to communicate with one another and obtain access to information.  If Facebook and the internet were created for that sole purpose….”to make people and the world more connected” (and let me add more educated) it would be a truly noble cause and I wouldn’t have created this blog.  But the truth of the matter, from my perspective, is that isn’t really Mark Zuckerberg’s true mission.  His mission, especially since the company just went public, is to turn Facebook into a vehicle for the marketing and advertising machine to make billions of dollars off personal information.  His goal and duty, now that the firm just received $6.8 billion dollars from the “public”, is to make money to such an extent that the company would have to be worth over $100 billion dollars.  How can he accomplish this given users join Facebook for free?

You see, my idea of the human being is that we can work together as a species to ensure most of us can enjoy a relatively good experience while we are alive.  I believe we can, as a species, work together to make most of our lives a great experience.  I believe we can create a structure whereby future generations can enjoy on an incremental basis slightly more joy than we experienced.  In short, I want our little young men and women to experience a better life than we experience.  In other words, I believe in a steady progression forward for human beings, as opposed to a game of kick the can where the those alive here an now take all they can and pass on mountains of problems and debt to young people in the future.

Does Mark Zuckerberg share this perspective?  Or is he merely thinking about how to maximize his net worth which currently stands at $20 billion dollars?  Is he being used by others to increase their share of the pie?  Who is this guy Mark Zuckerberg?  What are his philosophical and spiritual beliefs?  Is he simply being used as a puppet for the power construct, or is he legit in his mission statement?  My hunch is that he is a smart programmer that is being used to extract billions of dollars from one-eighth of the world population via the marketing and advertising machine.  What ever good once existed in this “smart” (not intelligent) young man has been drained for the purpose of “monetizing” a big chunk of the people alive throughout the world.  He and the power construct will use the vanity of publicizing personal information about ourselves merely as means to make the fascist financial/capitalistic power structure more money.


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Musings on the Human Momentum and thinking about what that means to you and I and future generations.
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One Response to Facebook’s True Customers!

  1. Ben Naga says:

    Just so. To quote from the “About” page on my e-log:

    ” Sorry, I don’t do the dreaded Facebook or Twitter for obvious reasons. (If you don’t know why that’s obvious I probably can’t explain it to you.) ”

    Seems you found a way to explain it “for* me. Thanks. 🙂

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