Facebook Public Heist Set for Friday!

This friday Facebook will perform its public heist out in the open before the world.  We can all watch the robbery take place and there is no one standing up to prevent billions of dollars from being siphoned away from the many into the hands of the few.  Facebook’s IPO is set for this Friday.  We will see the stock price start trading at $38 to $40 bucks and jump up to $60 or $70 and then settle back down as insiders connected to the Wall-Street under-writers dump their shares to public investors.  This will be quite a show.  And the man below in the video will be instantly worth $19 to $20 billion dollars.  Let the show begin.

By the way, when you watch Zuckerberg in the video below…do you trust this guy?  Does he really care about Facebook users…or is he simply using the users for his $20 billion paycheck?  Why is he breaking out into a nervous sweat?  What is he hiding?

I am adding this YouTube video because it is so strange.  I guess this is an extreme answer to my question.  My opinion is it is simply about greed, but apparently others take it to a whole new level.


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Musings on the Human Momentum and thinking about what that means to you and I and future generations.
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