Facebook Growing Old

Facebook reported revenues and earnings for the first quarter 2012 that were disappointing to analysts, but that is really not a surprise Facebook Q1 Disappointing.  The company provides a means for people to exchange information about themselves to friends and the public and attempts to take that information to provide meaningful target information to the marketing and advertising machine.  The disconnect is that the information on Facebook is generally meaningless garbage and the users don’t “pay” enough attention to the “targeted” advertising.  And, since Facebook currently has almost one-seventh of the world population signed up, there isn’t a huge untapped base to expand users given competition and the fact people have other things to do besides logging onto Facebook.

Facebook will go through with the IPO and probably obtain a $100 billion valuation at the time of the IPO, but this company isn’t going to be the next GOOGLE.  But that doesn’t really matter to the insiders for they will walk away with billions.  The table is already set.  What other companies in the world or the United States enjoy free advertising and publicity on all the major news networks and other media channels?  Do you ever see a Yahoo symbol on CNN, FOX, or MSNBC?  Of course not.  But you see the Facebook and Twitter symbol.  Why?  Because there is a strong network of the well-connected to support their own.  But, that network is only concerned with making the big bucks before the bottom falls out.  They are the same shysters that are behind all the Wall-Street scams, bubbles (Dot Com’s, Green Businesses), housing derivatives, Enron’s and pump and dumps.  They are all neatly summarized by the mentality and culture permeating from the firm Goldman Sachs.

The entire social media and networking push is controlled by this small community of connections and they are going to enjoy pulling in billions at the expense of the public.  Keep in mind new wealth isn’t created, rather wealth is merely shifted or harnessed.  The game is take from others to fill your own treasure chest.  Facebook is the show piece and Twitter will follow.  All of the other social media and networking shell games are riding the coattails of this bubble.   We are one or two months away from the show piece going public and probably one or two years away from the bubble burst.  Remember, I will still be here documenting the billions made by the few and the billions lost by the many.  Tweet!


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Musings on the Human Momentum and thinking about what that means to you and I and future generations.
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